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 The Medical Dental Building, 1849 Yonge Street, Suite 604, Toronto, Ontario   M4S 1Y2
tel: (416) 489-1849
fax: (416) 485-1536
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The Medical-Dental Building
1849 Yonge Street, Suite 604
Toronto, Canada
M4S 1Y2
416-489-1849;   (fax) 416-485-1536

The Medical Dental Building is located approximately 100 meters south of the Davisville subway station, on the east side of Yonge Street between Balliol Street and Merton Avenue.

A zone at the building's main entrance allows a safe and unhurried exit for patients traveling by Wheel-Trans, specially equipped vehicles, or taxis.

In the building's foyer is a business directory, a public pay telephone, a seating area for those awaiting transportation, and elevators. (Since there are only two elevators, it is wise to allow extra time to arrive at our sixth floor office.) Also on the main floor are a full service cafeteria and a pharmacy.

An electronic directory outside the main doors provides instructions for patients entering the building for appointments after hours or on holidays.

Office hours and after hours emergencies
Our normal office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mondays to Thursdays.

When problems occur during office hours, a call to our office should be made as soon as possible. We shall try to schedule an appointment for either the same day or the first available opening.

However, most emergencies do seem to arise on a long weekend, a holiday, or after business hours when our office is closed. Patients needing assistance at such times may call our office telephone number (416-489-1849) for additional information and emergency telephone numbers, and emergency clinics.

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Office Hours and Emergencies

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